New Florida Education Commissioner

State Board of Education Meeting December 17, 2018

Dear Commissioner Corcoran,
As President of Enlighten Education Co-op, Inc., I have assembled a
team of experienced educators who have designed a plan that could
greatly improve Florida’s schools.
We are developing three initiatives:

  1. We intend to recruit an army of retired teachers to serve as part-time
    classroom assistants who will be paid approximately $25 per hour with
    money we will raise from businesses, foundations, and philanthropists.
  2. We will create numerous robust before and after school programs in
    primarily underutilized church properties specializing in the arts and
    athletics again funded by philanthropy and staffed by another army of
    community activists and mentors.
  3. Finally, we intend to franchise a series of public schools using
    principles laid out by LeBron James in his I Promise school in Akron,
    Ohio. They will be public schools in that they are free to the students
    and their families. This will be accomplished through the generosity of
    philanthropists and other organizations and because of their willingness to work within the public school system. The support of these schools by public minded individuals such as top athletes and other celebrities is designed to overcome the inequities of resources available to lower income families and neighborhoods.

Our organization began in early 2018 by asking teachers what they believe could best achieve the outcomes we all desire. We found an overwhelming consensus that more human resources in the classroom was the top priority. We also discovered that there is a gold mine of willing and able retirees who, while not wanting to revive their careers,would be willing to work part-time assisting teachers who are tasked with a nearly impossible job, given the challenges of contemporary society. Teaching has become a “nightmare” in many schools, which explains why nearly one out of four new teachers never make it past their fourth year. But by simply adding another adult to the classroom, the nightmare becomes an optimistic dream for both student and teacher who can now experience the joy of learning together. I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and introduce members of our team to further explain this new initiative. We ask for your cooperation and endorsement as we assemble the various parts of this ambitious plan. We are organized as a web-based worker co-op to allow for explosive growth and rapid scalability. We invite you to visit our information-packed website, especially the Resources page that explains how worker co-ops, democracy in the workplace, provides the superior creativity and enthusiasm necessary to grow this idea into a movement. Feel free to download our brochure and join the revolution. There is no good reason why the U.S. should have excellent public schools in some neighborhoods and poor ones in others. We want all our children to achieve success.

Will Bronson
President, Enlighten Education

By wbronson

William Bronson holds a BA in Economics from Whitworth College, Spokane, Washington and an MA from Suffolk University Boston in Education, Secondary Social Studies, and was the first principal of Portsmouth (NH) Christian Academy. He also earned a Master of Theology from Gordon-Conwell, Hamilton, MA and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA. He chaired the Education Voucher Study Committee in 1981 for the Boston Finance Committee. Bronson was a Navy and Delta Airline pilot between 1961-1991. Bronson ran for Congress in FL 17 in 2012 and 2014 and was Bernie Sanders co-chair in Lee County Florida in 2016.

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