First Year Summary and Thank You ā€“ Will Bronson

Dear Friends and fellow team members,
First let me thank all of you for your encouragement, involvement and prayers during this critical start up time. Because of your willingness to give of your time and resources we have been able to accomplish much while spending little.
The next phase of our work will be to raise funds sufficient to accomplish our plans.
I would not be surprised if next year we raise and spend over $10 million on the following projects:

  1. As you know we have explored and thought through our top priority of bringing more resources into the classroom immediately anywhere we find people willing to participate. It is simply a matter of them contacting their local school authority and representing to them that they are working with Enlighten Education Co-op who will pay them for the time they spend as teachers assistants within their local school. We anticipate that especially retired teachers may want to work from 10 to 20 hours a week and we expect to pay them in the area of $25 per hour. This could be explosive and make a huge difference in outcomes within our schools.
  2. We are negotiating a lease with option to purchase an under-utilized church in Fort Myers adjacent to their middle school for a robust after school program in the arts, athletics, and trades using mentors who we also intend to pay based on their skills. No particular credentials required in this project other than a care and concern for our children and the willingness to communicate to them useful information and skills.
  3. Finally, we have an opportunity to buy a commercial property of 16,000 sq. ft. in which to establish a free school based on the principles of the LeBron James I Promise school in Akron that uses philanthropy to make up for the educational deficits common in low income communities.

With your continued involvement, I am confident that next year will be a remarkable one for our co-operative and accomplish these goals with the effect that hundreds of children will be positively impacted in accomplishing their aspirations.
Iā€™m looking forward with enthusiasm about all we can accomplish together.

By jdcharlton

Solar power consultant

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