Top 10 Challenges Facing Public Education (from NEA Journal)

$11,000 is average per pupil costs nationwide, while the more difficult educational challenges are among the poor who get $1200 less on average and communities of color who get about $2000 less than the average. 57% of Teenagers are worried that a shooting could happen in their school. 93% of elementary school teachers report that… Continue reading Top 10 Challenges Facing Public Education (from NEA Journal)

The EEC Prayer

This morning, during my time of prayer and listening, it came to me what a huge task we have ahead of us. I’ve come to believe that all human endeavors ultimately reside in the hand of God. So it seemed to me we should have a prayer that many of us might share as we… Continue reading The EEC Prayer

LeBron James School

Many of you have probably seen the publicity around the opening of the LeBron James School in Akron, Ohio. He is to be commended for this initiative and to our delight is treating the whole child recognizing the deep affects that poverty and other negative influences in her/his environment have on learning outcomes. We intend… Continue reading LeBron James School

Let’s do it!

I just returned from a trip to New York and Boston. Last Saturday, I was invited to join a group of education reform activists in Brooklyn who were having their annual picnic at Seaview Park. It was a wonderful day of conversation, strategizing and networking.  Last week I visited Harvard Graduate School of Education to… Continue reading Let’s do it!