Welcome to Enlighten Education Co-op!

Welcome to the kickoff of the website for Enlighten Education Co-op. With your help we can make American public schools the best in the world! Below you will find your invitation to join us. We hope to hear from you very soon.

Your Invitation to Join Enlighten Education Cooperative

What we are offering:

1.    A chance to be part of a revolution in American education.

2.     A job opportunity, to be part of a nationwide worker co-op whose mission is to help reform local public schools based on principles that we have articulated on our website: EnlightenEducationCo-op.org that include minimizing standardized testing, greater principal autonomy, more support for teachers, more resources in the classroom, treating students as individuals and recognizing their different learning methods and rates, loosening the age/grade categorizations and instead combining skill levels  and other ideas articulated by experts such as Ken Robinson and Diane Ravitch. 

3.    An opportunity to slow the corporatization of public schools.

4.    An opportunity to save the public school system from these encroachments by leveling the playing field for public school administrators and teachers while maintaining tenure, seniority, and union contracts and connecting them more directly to the students and parents by “reverse funding.” Instead of putting money into the top of a politicized educational bureaucracy and letting it trickle down to the teachers and students, we suggest considering introducing the money at the bottom of the system in order to restore more normal market forces that traditionally provide quality at a reasonable price. 

5.    Turning the schools over to unregulated corporate monopolistic giants while making public schools, especially their administrators and teachers, conform to unreasonable regulations leads to disasters like teaching the tests and other anti-education practices.

What you can do:

1.    If you believe these ideas have merit, contact us so we can explain how you can make this vision a reality. 

2.    We may offer you an opportunity to join our team: a nationwide worker co-op that will draw on the skills of entry level as well as retired full or part time activists to promote this agenda.

3.    Following the Mondragon model, no one in the co-op will be paid more than 6 times the entry level worker, who will not be paid less than $15/hr.

4.    As long as the work performed for the co-op is documented and valuable, compensation will be paid based on financial capabilities of the co-op.

5.    In this system of democracy in the workplace, operational decisions and compensation will be made by co-op members or their representatives and all accounts will be transparent and available to co-op members and the public. Thanks to the information technology world we live in, our team will be widespread geographically, but connected through video conferencing, etc. requiring little travel. That also allows us a broad and deep reservoir of expertise to join us in our work, especially in that part time work is expected and retired educators and others are welcome.

For more information contact: Will Bronson at 239 940 6080 or hello@enlighteneducationco-op.org