Top 10 Challenges Facing Public Education (from NEA Journal)

  1. $11,000 is average per pupil costs nationwide, while the more difficult educational challenges are among the poor who get $1200 less on average and communities of color who get about $2000 less than the average.

  2. 57% of Teenagers are worried that a shooting could happen in their school.

  3. 93% of elementary school teachers report that they are “highly stressed,” leading to high drop out rate of new teachers within the first 5 years and causing policy makers to take another look at homework, class schedules, and later school start times.

  4. Reconsidering Restorative Practices vs. suspensions and expulsions.

  5. Chronic absenteeism is growing and can be treated successfully through internships and mentorships.

  6. ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) has presented its own unique challenges.

  7. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) being on hold has increased stress among students from undocumented families.

  8. Caution needed in accepting the latest “game changer” technology in the classroom.

  9. Vouchers and Charter Schools have not always lived up to expectations while serving about 5% of students.

  10. Electing better lawmakers could go a long way toward improving public education.

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