Where Do the Children Play?

For EEC blog April 23, 2019

Many of us involved with Enlighten Education Co-op lived through the turbulent decades of the 60-70s and feel a certain nostalgia for our youth that reached out to counter-cultural ideas and a life style that desperately tried to hang on to the benefits that play has on childhood development. Sadly, “those were the days, my friend, we thought they’d never end…” but they have, and youngsters are faced with a dark and stress filled present and future.

We think these two songs by Joni Mitchell and Cat Stevens ask the right questions, “We have to get ourselves back to the garden…” and “where do the children play?”

The haunting phrase “we have to get ourselves back to the garden…” references EEC’s concern for food security, sustainability, and quality nutrition available if we could walk big ag back to the garden.

We, at Enlighten Education, Co-op, want to provide a way to lessen stress in the classroom and extend to our students an opportunity to learn in an environment that feels more like play. This is what we like to call the “grandparent effect.” By matching retired teachers with current severely challenged teachers, we hope to transform the classroom into a place that is actually fun for everyone involved. Your contributions can help this happen. With them we can provide part-time jobs to experienced teachers and supply them at no-cost to schools and teachers who desperately need a boost. Please join our revolution in public school outcomes.

By jdcharlton

Solar power consultant

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