Blog for May 30, 2024

New Blog for May 30, 2024

Dear Friends and partners of Enlighten Education Co-op, Inc. (EEC)

Since we suspended operations and our location in Fort Myers, (see previous blog), I’ve given a lot of thought to how our organization might proceed. I am recommending to our members that we become a for-profit educational consulting and tutoring firm.

Most worker co-ops operate in the for-profit space so they can offer the members of the co-op equity in the firm. This is not the case with non-profit co-ops that can’t develop what is normally considered equity in the company. Nonprofits are obligated to spend their income or transfer it to another non-profit if they dissolve.

Because I underestimated our ability to raise contributions for EEC, we were barely able to launch  our pilot project in December of 2022 with the permission of the Lee County School District. With the election of a new Superintendent (previous ones were appointed by the school board for decades) the possibility of a Teacher Assistant Program (TAP) consisting of part time retired teachers and veterans fitting into the current $2.2 Billion Lee County Florida Public School budget is more likely.

There is always a need for tutors and the possibility of partnering with existing tutoring organizations or developing our own is well within our purview.

All my efforts will be directed into consulting with school districts to encourage them to access the rich experience and talents of seniors if they will be flexible enough to allow for part time employment. Please contact me if you have interest in either helping develop our organization during this restructuring,  serving as a tutor, or being a part time teacher assistant. Please run these ideas by any friends or relatives who may be either teachers, retired teachers, or veterans. And please see the executive summary attached below. Many thanks, 

Will Bronson 239 940 6080 or email

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