1. Why are you a worker co-op? We believe that the worker co-op business model provides the most flexibility and capacity for explosive growth by harnessing the creative powers of our team members who “own” their jobs.

2. Why are you a non-profit corporation? Because we are not working for profit but for passion. Our passion is to help children overcome the challenges of life today. All our resources are shared with our communities and our members. Our capital comes from contributions or borrowing if necessary.

3. What is your product? The liberation of teachers and students for unmeasurable excellence.

4. Who do you sell to? Everyone, especially individuals, philanthropists, foundations, and businesses, who share our vision of a public education system that excels in every way.

5. Why are your services “free”? Because public school districts need our help but don’t have the resources to pay for them. Also, families and students need our help, especially those who are already financially challenged.

6. What is the most important change you would make in the public schools? We will support teachers by providing those who request assistance, a teacher assistant to help on a part time basis in their classroom. Many of these will be retired teachers who will be paid by EEC and coached not to interfere with the teacher but to provide assistance. We like to call it the “grandparent effect” so three generations are working together for their mutual benefit.

7. How else do you plan to help public school students? By establishing robust after school programs in the arts including music, athletics, especially Olympic sports, and training in technical skills that will survive off shoring and automation, particularly sustainable, healthy, high tech food production as in hydroponics and aquaponics.