Our Mission

With our first mission, we intend to support the public schools by providing teacher assistants to serve
on a part-time basis current classroom teachers who request another adult in their classroom. These
part-time assistants would be recruited and vetted by Enlighten Education Co-op, drawing from the
large number of retired teachers who would be paid approximately $25 per hour for their services.
There would be no cost to the school district because EEC would pay them with money raised from
philanthropy. We call this “the grandparent effect” in the classroom.

Our second mission is to offer after school programs in the arts, athletics, and mentorships to allow students to recapture the joy of learning in a relaxed environment. Arts will include music, writing and graphic arts, and acting. Athletics will focus on individual Olympic sports such as track and fencing. Mentorships will focus on sustainable local agriculture as in hydroponics and aquaponics and vocations
that cannot be offshored or automated away.