1. What are the hours EEC School operates? The normal
    hours of teaching are 8am to 4pm. But adult supervision
    will be available from 6am to 6pm to accommodate
    working parents.
  2. What is your teacher/student ratio? We intend to
    maintain a ten to one student/teacher ratio although much
    instruction will be individual as students will be
    encouraged to explore their own educational interests.
  3. Who will be your faculty? We intend to focus on
    employing retired teachers on a part time basis. Also, we
    intend to hire other seniors and college students also on a
    part time basis.
  4. What is your curriculum focus? EEC will always stress core
    skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Also we will
    expose our students to the varied arts and individual
    athletics. A strong foundation in phonics is essential to
    academic success and we will use special programs such as
    Ultimate Phonics available at www.spencerlearning.com.
    We urge parents to be familiar with it at home. But we do
    not assign any homework.
  5. What role do tests play at your school? We do not
    encourage testing except as legally required. We realize
    that students learn at different rates and we don’t group
    children by age.
  6. What is your religious and political philosophy? We
    encourage children to learn to use critical thinking and
    develop their own religious and political philosophy
    trusting that in the free marketplace of ideas, the truth will
    prevail. This is particularly important because of the
    amount of misinformation available today primarily on the
    internet. We do not require our teachers or students to
    hold any particular religious or political philosophy.
  7. What role will civics play in your curriculum? EEC believes
    that our constitutional republic was founded on valuable
    principles that should be taught and learned by all our
    students so they will become informed citizens.
  8. What about stem subjects? Science, technology,
    engineering, and math are important areas of study for
    those who anticipate occupations in those fields. Our
    curriculum will be drawn from a variety of sources
    including the various skills of our faculty. One such source
    is the Khan Academy that teaches a many subjects at all
    grade levels. See www.khamacademy.org.
  9. How can I enroll my student? We will be limiting our
    enrollment to about 30 students. Begin by applying for an
    educational voucher by contacting
    www.stepupforstudents.org that will help you receive
    about $8,000 per student per year that should cover most
    of our full time tuition. We will be accepting students who
    may be partially home schooled and tuition will be
    adjusted accordingly.
  10. Will you be having many field trips? We plan to expose
    our students to many educational resources throughout
    the area and we believe that much valuable learning
    happens outside the classroom.