To provide a micro-school of about 30 students from our community where they can learn collaboratively within a mixed-aged environment, K-12. We intend to demonstrate the value of the worker co-op model in the non-profit space utilizing the skills of seniors by offering them part time employment. We will also provide a space where those considering the teaching profession may explore that field.


To open our school in September of 2023 utilizing the new Universal Education Voucher recently established by the Florida State Legislature which will cover much of our families tuition costs.


To encourage our students to use critical thinking as they choose areas of study and vocation while maintaining healthy lifestyles.
To expose our students to the various arts, individual sports, and STEM subjects all grounded in a strong foundation of skills in reading, using intensive phonics training, writing, and arithmetic.
To encourage our students to develop a worldview that is based on discovering their God given talents and purpose in life.

EEC Perspective

Our staff come from a variety of denominations but generally hold that the Bible is a reliable guide for understanding our world and our place in it.