Our Projects


Updated July 12th, 2018

1.    To build a large web-based organization of skillful and compassionate women and men. Using the unique benefits of the worker co-op model, we intend to empower individuals to help advance our mission in ways that fit their schedule and skills. We invite part-time seniors as well as entry level students to join in this exciting enterprise.

2.    To provide expert consulting services to school systems to help them make positive improvements to their delivery of education, always working for consensus among all stakeholders.

3.    To provide support services for teachers and other front-line workers in the public schools.

4.    To provide support for parents and tutoring services for their children.

5.    To engage the public in supporting courageous innovations that will come from public school administrators.

6.    To solicit support from generous Americans who believe that we can help public education in America become competitive with other countries despite our many challenges.


Monday – Saturday
Morning, Afternoon, or Evening


On your premises