We Need You!

We Need Your Expertise.

Although we welcome volunteers, Enlighten Education Co-op is a business and we intend to pay our
team members well. As a co-op you can become an “owner” of EEC with the stipulation that when you
leave you must sell your shares back to the co-op.


We Need You!

We are always eager to find the most qualified teachers in their field to be a part of a better tomorrow.

  • Excess revenue will be used to grow our co-op and pay benefits to our team members.
  • Our minimum wage for those over 18 is $15/hr. Our maximum wage is 6 times that or $90/hr.
  • We encourage part time workers, so you can design your own job based on your interests and availability and our needs and resources.
  • Please contact Will Bronson at 239 940 6080 for more information and read our Resource Page for more info on how worker co-ops function. Thanks! We look forward to you joining us!