Moving Forward

November 2022

Welcome to our revised website. Enlighten Education Co-op, Inc. (EEC) was formed in 2018 and received 501c3 status in 2019. Most of that time until the present was filled with brainstorming with individuals concerned by the mediocre outcome of our public schools.

With input from dozens of experts in education and related fields, we came up with a simple and direct plan to improve those outcomes by directing more human resources into the classroom.

This website will explain our mission in more detail, but essentially it is this: to provide experienced teacher assistants to public school teachers who request them and to develop after school tutoring and mentoring services all free of charge. Teacher assistants and tutor/mentors would be paid with money that EEC would raise through grants and philanthropy so we could offer our services free to the school districts and our afterschool students. After school programs can be multigenerational. And civics courses will be provided to help create a more enlightened electorate.

Our current needs involve:

  1. Developing a data base of retired teachers who would be willing to work part time, 10-20 hours a week as teacher assistants.
  2. Facilities for afterschool tutoring and mentoring and a data base of teachers for various subjects and skills.
  3. Funding for our programs.

In that our afterschool services would be free and in person, transportation for now would become the responsibility of the students or their parent/guardian.

If you would like to join us in this exciting, purposeful undertaking, please contact us by going to the contact page. Thanks. We look forward to meeting you.

Will Bronson, President and Founder EEC, Inc. 239 940 6080