July 3rd , 2024 Blog for Enlighten Education Co-op

Dear Friends of EEC,

Many of you may have read about the current controversy in Louisiana with the proposed posting of the 10 Commandments in all their public school classrooms. Please see the op/ed that I wrote on this topic recently for context.

More recently, the state of Oklahoma has announced its intent to teach the Bible in the public schools there. I believe this is an issue whose time has come. EEC has a unique opportunity to provide to school districts across the country curricula for doing so while conforming to the guidelines set by the courts. We intend to do so as well as offer consulting services for implementing such a program that could interface with our TAP (teacher assistant program) described below in the Executive Summary of the project.

Being now in the for-profit space, EEC intends to sell this curricula nationwide and hopes to have initial lesson plans available soon for those districts and teachers who want to participate in the operation.

We will be offering memberships in our co-op for a fee that will allow members to share in the income from our operations as well pay for their services under the conditions of the co-op by laws available on our resource page. Also please see the attachments and links below.

Please stay tuned and join us as we move forward with our new initiatives during these exciting times!

William Bronson MA, MTS, DMin – President of EEC

Call me for more information or to join our organization at 239 940 6080

ACLU on teaching Bible in Public Schools

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