Suggested Reading

Understanding The Concepts


Information on Worker Co-ops


TedTalksx Cleveland, Ted Howard (excellent 18 minute talk on the “Cleveland Model” and Evergreen Cooperatives

Shift Change – 14 short clips on the Evergreen Cooperatives, 1stsegment intro to MCC – Mondragon Cooperative Corporation of Spain. 4thsegment on New Era Windows of Chicago with Laura Flanders, also Brendan Martin CEO of Working World.


Evergreen Cooperative in Cleveland Ohio at

above link describes huge worker owned cooperative greenhouse in Cleveland, Ohio   An organization that funds start up worker owned cooperatives.

Go to this link for an excellent discussion of tax benefits of existing companies to convert to worker owned cooperatives   An excellent website, CEO Ted Howard explains origins of the Cleveland Model, etc. Gar Alperovitz, founder.

Mondragon Corporation

Video on Mondragon Cooperative Corporation, 7thlargest corporation in Spain.

Also interview by Amy Goodwin:

 A Unique Management Philosophy That Works

Ricardo Semler, CEO of Semco Brazil. Please read article on

Also read Maverick, Ricardo’s best selling book describing how he developed Semco into a huge success using his unusual methods, or lack thereof.

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